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Real Estate Clients Our Attorney Can Help

Our lawyer practices real estate law in Miami

Are you involved in a real estate transaction in the Sunshine State? Get in touch with Philip L. Coller, PA today. Our Florida attorney would be pleased to offer you trustworthy guidance and smart solutions about your transaction. 

Here are three types of clients our lawyer can help:

  • Buyers. If you need assistance with your purchase and title insurance, Philip L. Coller can offer you smart advice and streamlined solutions. He can easily help you to prepare the documents, draft contracts and answer any questions that you may have about real estate law.

  • Lenders. Let Philip L. Coller assist with anything your clients need related to a mortgage closing.

  • Sellers. Philip L. Coller can prepare documents, draft contracts and answer any questions you may have. He can also attend the closing to make sure that you understand the documents presented. This ensures that both buyers and sellers get what they deserve out of the agreement.


Philip L. Coller has spent decades assisting clients with their most important legal needs. Why not discover what he can do for you? Call 305-279-9200 today to schedule your free consultation!