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Put Together your Will or Trust

Work with a Miami, FL authority on estate law

Are you prepared for the unknown future? Unfortunately, many people pass away without having established an adequate plan for their assets and property. Don’t let that happen to you! Schedule a free consultation at Philip L. Coller, PA. Our lead attorney can explain the process for putting together a new will or trust for your Florida estate.


Don’t force your heirs to spend years arguing in probate court. Philip L. Coller can offer personal assistance for your estate planning in the Miami, Florida area. He’ll make sure your wishes are communicated clearly and effectively.

Philip L. Coller can help with:

  • Drafting wills or forming trusts
  • Establishing durable powers of attorney
  • Writing medical directives
  • Assigning guardianships
  • Forming living wills
  • Assisting you with premade guardianship forms

Put your estate planning in trustworthy hands. Call 305-279-9200 to request a no-cost consultation with Philip L. Coller.